• XP Total: total XP earned, DKs only count for 56 onwards.
  • Honor Kills: total Honorable Kills.
  • Achieves Total: total achievement points.
  • Achieves Alliance: achievement points for neutral and Alliance achievements.
  • Achieves Horde: achievement points for neutral and Horde achievements.
  • Unique Mounts: number of unique mounts. NOTE: many mounts will count as 2 due to Alliance/Horde versions.
  • Unique Pets: number of unique battle pets.
  • Pet Score: a score for pets calculated the same way as Warcraft Pets.
  • Unique Toys: number of unique toys.
# Username XP Total Honor Kills Exalted Reps Achieves Total Achieves Alliance Achieves Horde Feats of Strength Unique Mounts Unique Pets Pet
Unique Toys
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